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Does my loved one have to go to a nursing home if they are unable to walk or dress themselves?

Absolutely not! Our staff can provide all levels of care including assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, toileting and eating. As their needs increase – our care increases.

Can I afford assisted living?

We will sit with you one on one and review finances and help you with applying for benefits that pay for assisted living.

What if i want to stay and eat dinner with my mom?

You are always welcome at no additional cost. We want you to feel at home with your loved one.

How will I get my medications and who will coordinate them?

All medications are delivered directly to the facility and reviewed by the resident’s doctor prior to admission and by the registered nurse with all changes. In addition, the pharmacy will monitor and notify the physician if any medications may interact. Our staff will administer medications and are licensed medication technicians by the Maryland board of nursing.

Are there activities?

Yes we offer a variety of activities catered to the needs of the residents including outings.

What happens if my loved one needs more care?

As the resident’s care needs change our level of assistance changes. We won’t call you and tell you that because they need more care that they have to go to a nursing home.

Are all services included in the monthly fee?

All services including cable TV, laundry, assistance with toileting, housecleaning, all meals are included. The only cost that the resident is responsible for are their medication and physician co-pays and any special care supplies.

Are rates increased each year?

No – we believe in offering a fair price for an excellent service. We don’t believe in an across the board increase, but rather case by case basis.

Is transportation included?

While we encourage family involvement to medical appointments we will transport our residents to and from appointments as well as stay with them for a nominal fee as needed.

How often will my family member see the nurse?

The state of Maryland requires our nurse to visit and asses our residents every 45 days. We believe that is not enough, so our full time nurse on an average will visit and asses your loved one approximately two to three times per week.

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