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    Delmar Villa Assisted Living - upscale assisted living

    16 Bed Upscale Assisted Living at an Affordable Price. 2 Room Suites and Movie Theater.
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    Delmar Manor - Alzheimer's and dementia assisted living

    16 bed Specialized Alzhiemers Facility. Private Rooms, Secure and Wander Free.
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    Delmar Estates

    16 Bed Upscale Assisted Living with Oversized Rooms at an Affordable Price. 2 Room Suites with Large Rooms.
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Delmar Assisted living

  • Very low staff to resident ratio (1:8).
  • Full-time registered nurse who will know the needs of the residents.
  • Small, home-like setting which has been shown to help residents thrive.
  • “Age in Place Model” meaning they can stay through end of life. Once they move in – this is their home and we won’t discharge them to a nursing home as they age.
  • No hidden cost – in addition to offering very affordable care we don’t add on a “level of care” or charge for all those extras that are needed.
  • We assist with getting residents the financial assistance they need including VA and other local benefits.
  • All meals cooked on site offering true home cooked meals.
  • Free laundry and Cable TV! PLUS A Home movie theater.
  • Free house cleaning.
  • Coordinated activities to stimulate residents.

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